Powerful Replacement Battery for Dell Inspiron 14 7472

Dell Inspiron 14 7472 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 14 7472 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 14 7472 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 14 7472 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 14 7472 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 14 7472 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 14 7472 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 14 7472 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 14 7472 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 14 7472 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 14 7472 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 14 7472 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 14 7472 battery replacement
Dell Inspiron 14 7472 battery replacement
Product Safety Certification If your old battery is 15.2V, 56Wh, 4 Cell, please do not order this battery.

3 cells 42WhBattery for Dell Inspiron 14 7472

  • SKUDMY830
  • ConditionReplacement, Brand New
  • Voltage11.4V
  • Capacity42Wh
  • Number of Cells3 cells
  • Cell TypeLi-Polymer
  • ColorBlack
  • Size191.80x103.20x5.60mm (L x W x H)
  • Warranty12 months
  • AvailabilityIn Stock
Note : 10.8V, 11.4V and 11.1V are compatible, they are in common use.
Product Features
DellBatteryShop is your best choice!

High Quality, Long Life, Full Compatibility

DellBatteryShop is a professional Dell battery distributor integrating R&D, production and sales. This new Dell Inspiron 14 7472 Li-Polymer battery is made of grade A+ cells in high-quality, original circuit design, and high-temperature-resistant sturdy PC/ABS shell, which not only ensures the quality but also greatly improves the battery life.

Each of our Dell Inspiron 14 7472 laptop batteries has passed SIRIM, CE, RoHS, UL and other certifications. Not only can it be fully compatible with your Dell laptop, but can be guaranteed in security. In addition, every replacement battery for Inspiron 14 7472 will be tested before shipment. Only the products that meet the specifications can be sold by DellBatteryShop.

DellBatteryShop not only aims to sell the batteries, what is more important, we also attach great importance to customers' satisfaction. The 12-month warranty and a 30-day return and exchange service can be provided by us. Choose our Dell Inspiron 14 7472 notebook replacement battery to address your worries for the future!

What are our advantages?

Professional, Fast and Reliable

Broad coverage of product

As a professional Dell laptop battery store in Malaysia, our Dell batteries cover Alienware, Inspiron, Latitude, Precision, Vostro, XPS and other series, as many as 4400 models. Would like to buy Dell batteries? Just come to DellBatteryShop!

Fast delivery

Most of the orders will be shipped within 1-2 working days, which would be delivered within 5-10 working days all over Malaysia. In addition, our battery for Inspiron 14 7472 will be tested once again by technicians before shipment. In order to ensure safe delivery without damage, we will also employ anti-static bubble packaging bags, sponge cushions and hard carton.

30-day Money-back Guarantee

You can apply for a refund within 30 days from the date of delivery. If your parcel is not dispatched out, we will full refund via PayPal immediately. But if your Dell Inspiron 14 7472 laptop batteries have been shipped out and delivered, in this case, you need to contact us to apply for an RMA. We will refund the amount paid after receiving the returned goods. Please note that if the battery itself fails or the wrong product we send, the return shipping cost will be responsible for us.

12-month Warranty Service

Within one year from the date of order, you can contact our customer service when your Inspiron 14 7472 replacement battery occurs the issue without human damage. We will offer the repair or replacement service as appropriate after confirming. For more details, please view "Warranty Policy".

100% Safe Payment

DellBatteryShop employs HTTPS to encrypt data transmission, and your shopping process is guaranteed by PayPal, which can effectively protect your private information.

Multiple Smart Protections

Quality Assurance, Safety First

  • Overvoltage Protection
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Overheat Protection
  • Over Discharge Protection
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Balance of Cells
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Note:Dell Inspiron 14 7472 battery compatible models are not fully listed. If you are still unsure whether it is compatible with your Dell laptop, please go to "Battery Model Inquiry" for support.
Compatible Battery Part Numbers
  • 0WDX0R
  • P26T001
  • P26T002
  • P26T004
  • P32E002
  • P35E
  • P35E001
  • P35E002
  • P35E004
  • P35E006
  • P58F001
  • P62F
  • P62F001
  • P66F
  • P66F002
  • P69G001
  • P70F
  • P70F001
  • P74G
  • P74G001
  • P75F
  • P75F002
  • P75F007
  • P75F009
  • P75F010
  • P75F011
  • P75F012
  • P75F013
  • P75G
  • P75G001
Compatible Laptop Models
  • Inspiron 14 7472
  • Inspiron 13 (5368)
  • Inspiron 13 (5378)
  • Inspiron 13 (7368)
  • Inspiron 13 (7378)
  • Inspiron 13 5368 2-IN-1
  • Inspiron 13 7368
  • Inspiron 15 (7569)
  • Inspiron 15 5565
  • Inspiron 15 5570
  • Inspiron 15 5575
  • Inspiron 15 5578
  • Inspiron 15 7560
  • Inspiron 15 7569 2-IN-1
  • Inspiron 15 7579 2-IN-1
  • Inspiron 3590
  • Inspiron 3593
  • Inspiron 3780
  • Inspiron 3793
  • Inspiron 5378
  • Inspiron 5570
  • Inspiron 7460
  • Inspiron 7472
  • Inspiron 7580
  • Latitude 13 (3379)
  • Latitude 13-3379
  • Latitude 3379
  • Vostro 14 (5468)
  • Vostro 14-5468
  • Vostro 3581
  • Vostro 3591
Disclaimer:All batteries sold on DellBatteryShop are replacement parts. DellBatteryShop.com.my doesn't affiliate with any of the original manufacturers. Any registered trademarks or model names listed above are identified as purposes of showing compatibility only.
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Q: Do you send it with free installation tools?

A:It depends on the situation. If you buy a built-in battery, we will give you a set of screwdrivers with the battery to facilitate the removal and installation. If you buy an external battery (installed on the back of the notebook), replacement tools are not provided.

Q: Why does the Inspiron 14 7472 replacement battery fail to charge up to 100% after it is installed on my Dell notebook?

A:Under normal circumstances, there will not be such a problem happened since all batteries have been tested by technicians. But if it occurs, please try the following methods.
1Turn off the system power, disconnect the AC adapter, and remove the battery.
2Check and ensure that it is correctly installed in the battery slot.
3Check whether there is dust or debris at the contact points, if yes, wipe it with a soft cloth.
4Install your Inspiron 14 7472 battery again and connect the AC adapter.
5Please try to cycle charge and discharge at least 3 times to check if it is addressed.
6If this problem still exists, please contact customer service.

Q: How to extend the battery life of Dell Inspiron 14 7472 laptop?

A:The laptop battery is a consumable product. In general, the general life span is 1-2 years. Therefore, is there any way to extend its life?
1Avoid completely using up the battery power. It is best to connect the AC adapter to charge as soon as possible when the battery power is below 20%.
2In the extremely overheating situation, if you are running the large-scale software or games, it is best to equip a radiator if possible, which would prevent overheat from damaging the battery.
3When you are not using your Dell notebook for a long time, it is recommended to remove your battery for Inspiron 14 7472 and charge and discharge the battery at least once every three months.